Hiking in Eastern Serbia

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Eastern Serbia

Hiking eastern Serbia

Eastern Serbia. The pearl of Balkan and Carpathian mountains, home to some of most beautiful destinations in this part of Europe. With various still undiscovered areas, rich history that still lives in local people and one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Europe, this is a perfect place to discover. Eastern Serbia welcomes all who wants to explore natural wonders, interact with protected nature and feel the uniqueness of area.

Our hiking tours are intended to introduce you to natural beauties of Eastern Serbia. Untouched nature of Balkan mountains, diverse flora and fauna combined with amazing viewpoints and rustic cuisine are guaranteed to take your breath away.

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Hiking tours

Hiking tours in eastern Serbia

Enjoy our hikes! Choose some of the designed hiking tours which brings you to wonderful places of Eastern Serbia. Experience the nature you dream off!

Gastronomy and Degustations

Gastronomy and Degustations

Traditional cusine is inspired by healty and fertile soil of Eastern Serbia. Specialities seem to be modest, but they are simple, healty and tasty, made by primeval way of preparation.

Self tailored hiking tours

Self tailored hiking tours

Yes, YOU can make your own of Eastern Serbia! Please tell us what is most exciting for you, and we will bring our offer to your preferences.

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What our customers are saying

“Thank you! We really enjoyed the wonderful time in Stara Planina with wonderful tour guides, wonderful cuisine (and a smiling chef), as well as the wonderful views during hiking, combined with physical activity.”

Richard Nemeth, Slovakia

“The favorite part definitely was the nature and hiking. The nature and colors of Stara Planina were so beautiful that I am still under the impression and hiking was the new thing I have discovered as a type of satisfaction and rest. I must say that other parts of the tour were also great but if I have to stand out one it would be the nature of Stara Planina.”

Jelena Donic, Serbia

“Beautiful scenery, beautiful mountains, well worth the walk. Very nice people, very nice guides. I would highly recommend it.”

Clint White, USA