Eastern Serbia

4 days in Djerdap National park hiking tour

Type of activity: Hiking tour

Difficulty: Easy (2 - 3 hours a day)

Duration: 4 days / 3 nights

Additional activities:


  • Experience 4-day hiking tour in eco-friendly environment of the National Park Djerdap!
  • Wander along the trails by the Danube River and enjoy untouched nature and mesmerizing landscapes. Wandering in this area will also allow you to visit The Iron Gates gorge – an unique natural phenomenon!
  • Witness the captivating scenery of the Carpathian Mountains – the area is filled with unforgettable places that will stick in your memories for an eternity!
  • Explore untouched nature and wilderness of the National Park Djerdap. If you are longing for eco-friendly area that is rich in amazing view points, vivid landscapes that you can gaze at in awe from the edges of sheer cliffs,National Park Djerdap is just the right place for you!
  • The absence of human influence left the wildlife in this area to strive to its natural state, making National park Djerdap one of the richest places of diverse flora and fauna in Eastern Serbia


The Danube River is the second longest river in Europe (2.860km), and many people claim that the most beautiful stretch of its entire course is located in The National Park Djerdap. This area of untouched nature is located in the Eastern Serbia, following the right bank of the Danube River making the natural border with Romania.

Besides the natural beauties preserved and protected from negative human influence, the National Park Djerdap also contains some of very important archeological and historical sites. “Lepenski Vir” is an archeological site that has been turned into a museum. Here you will be able to see archeologically excavated foundations of buildings that date back to 7000 B.C. The locality had turbulent phases and witnesses several different eras of settlements, from Stone Age all the way to Roman Emperors. The museum preserves many artifact that showcase the artistic but also a craftsman’s side of our early ancestors.

After exploring “Lepenski Vir” we take our visitors for another historical heritage site – “Golubac fortress”. This is the medieval fortified town that was most likely built during the 14th century. Before building fortifications, it was a Roman settlement, but during the middle ages it was a field for many battles and changed hands repeatedly passing between the Ottoman Empire, Hungarians, Serbs and Austrians.

For our visitors who prefering outdoors, we have prepared several hiking destinations that offer amazing views along with unforgettable places of untouched nature. We will visit several viewpoints from which some of the most impressive photos of the Danube River were taken viewpoint “Veliki Strbac” for example, but also climb the Kovilovo Peak, that provides a 360 degrees view of vivid surrounding landscapes.



Day 1

When you arrive at the Nis Airport our guides will be waiting to pick you up. We will have the tour organized that would take you sightseeing great historical monuments of the Nis city. However, this tour is optional, so you can use the spare time we have before departing to National Park Djerdap as you please. The city is full of hospitable people that will make your short stay here very enjoyable. We are scheduled to travel to the National park Djerdap in late afternoon/evening hours. After you are accommodated in the guesthouse with double rooms, the dinner will be served with national gastronomy specialties we can’t wait for you to taste! When we are finished dining, the guides will host a short introduction about upcoming days of your journey and a lecture about the National park Djerdap. This will close the opening day of your travel.

Day 2

As in every hiking tour, we want to start the day early and seize the morning sun. Therefore, we plan to finish breakfast and leave the accommodation by 9:00h. We are in for a half hour drive to the starting point of our trail, where we will arrive at 9:30h. Along the road you will be able to see several important natural habitats along Danube River’s flow, its crystal clear water and preserved forests around it. When we arrive to the starting destination, the hike uphill towards location “Ploce” begins. This is one of the most recognizable viewpoints that the Danube River has to offer. Once we reach the location, we are in for a short break. For refreshments, you will be served with local fruits and fruit juices to regain your energy, because we continue our hike towards another breathtaking viewpoint – Veliki Strbac. This is a truly amazing location from which some of the most remarkable and recognizable photos of the Danube River surrounded by the Carpathian mountains were ever taken, so make sure to bring your cameras with you! We plan to leave the destination and have organized transportation back to the accommodation scheduled for 17:00h. In the evening an a local wine and cheese tasting will be organized for you, where you can find out more about the cultural heritage of the region.

Day 3

Again, we get up early, have breakfast and leave the accommodation by 9:00h. Since we are settled in the heart of the National park Djerdap, we immediately start the hike through it. On this third day, the checkpoint of our hike is the Kovilovo peak, that offers 360 degrees view of vivid surrounding landscapes. You will have time to rest, enjoy the untouched nature and beautiful views, after which we have organized transportation to Lepenski Vir, an archeological site and museum that preserves artifacts dating back to 9000 years B.C. When you have explored the museum, we continue towards the Golubac fortress, a stunning medieval fortified town on the Danube River bank. Once you are done exploring this amazing historical site, we will have lunch in nearby Golubac Town, and after the lunch you will have free time for yourselves. In the late afternoon/evening hours we travel back to our accommodation where dinner will be served, with a optional evening gathering, followed by overnight.

Day 4

The last day of your journey starts with another delicious breakfast. We are scheduled to arrive to the Nis Airport one hour before plain departures. However, if the conditions are met and plane leaves in the afternoon or evening hours, we have envisaged a visit of UNESCO World Heritage Site “Felix Romuliana”, another testament of great Roman emperors that once ruled these lands and most of the known world at that time. We hope that you enjoyed your stay in beautiful Eastern Serbia, and hope you will come and visit us again!



  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Accommodation
  • Vehicle transfer to all locations the tour follows
  • All meals: Day 1 – dinner (lunch is optionally included if you arrive in the morning hours); Day 2 – breakfast, lunch, dinner, fruit snacks; Day 3 – day two – breakfast, lunch, dinner, fruit snacks; Day 4 – breakfast (lunch is optionally included if your plane departs in the late afternoon/evening hours)
  • Degustation of local wines and cheese on Day 2
  • Hiking guide (English language)
  • All entrance fees and national park permits

Not included:

  • Plane tickets to/from Nis Airport
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Self-spending

Note about price:

After receiving a request from you (request form below), we will contact you back with calculated price based on your inputs for this specific tour. For more detalied tour request we encourage you to use our SELF TAILORED HIKING TOUR REQUEST FORM.

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