Eastern Serbia


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Hiking Stara planina

Razvojni plan osnivanja geoparka Stara planina

U poslednjoj deceniji XX veka, na Međunarodnom geološkom kongresu u Kini, u oblasti nauka o Zemlji pojavio se jedan nov pristup u izučavanju prirode, koji se pre svega oslanja na geologiju, a prožima se sa mnogim elementima ekologije i zaštite životne sredine. U najopštijem smislu radi se o prirodnim diverzitetima, kao što su biodiverzitet i geodiverzitet.

Koncept geoparkova se pojavljuje prvi put u junu 2000. godine, kada se od strane četiri teritorije: Naute Provence (Francuska), Maestrazgo/Terruel (Španija), ostrvo Lesvos (Grčka) i Vulkaneifel (Nemačka) formira Evropska mreža Geoparkova/European geopark network, kao odgovor na potrebu za očuvanjem i unapređenjem vrednosti područja od geološkog značaja u Zemljinoj istoriji. Predeli i geološke formacije su glavni svedoci evolucije naše planete i determinantne našeg održivog razvoja u budućnosti.

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Simplified tender procedure for services – Organization of events with reference number CB007.2.12.056-A2 under project with code CB007.2.12.056

Name of the beneficiary: Association Manifesto
Project title: Tourism for Seniors, 55+ experiences
Project code: CB007.2.12.056
Description of the subject of the service: Simplified procedure for supply, type A2, with reference number: CB007.2.12.056-A2 and subject: Organization of events
Term for submission of offers: from 24.06.2020 until 27.07.2020, 12:00h CET


Tender dossier, reference number CB007.2.12.056-A2

Food you shouldn’t miss when you are on hiking in Eastern Serbia – part 1

To get to know a country, it's people, customs and habits, the best way to do it is to visit it. And of course, take a hike there :). But, by far the best indicator of a country's culture and it's people is the local food. Traditional cuisine in Eastern Serbia is a mix of skill and knowledge. What is characteristic for it is that besides the specific way of traditional preparation,  almost all foods and herbs are produced by the people who lives there. This is due to extremely fertile land and favorable climatic conditions.

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Serbia UNDISCOVERED- TourCert leaders in Serbia

Committed to responsibility in tourism – Serbia Undiscovered won the prestigious German award certification – TourCert Check, thus becoming first such company in Serbia!

With this certification we became a member of the TourCert community and are qualified regarding the ecological and social standards of TourCert. Based on a self-assessment we implement an action plan which is reported to TourCert annually. This also means that tourist agency Vavel and Serbia UNDISCOVERED implemented the basis for a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) management and complies with the TourCert Check requirements.

More about this prestigious award certification you can find on the  TourCert Check’s website.

Hiking adventure to Pilj waterfall- enter the hidden world of the Balkans

We are bringing you a story about one of the most recent discoveries from the Balkan Mountains. How come? Not until 2002 did only a few privileged locals know about this place. Nevertheless, Pilj Waterfall (or “Piljski Waterfall”) is the third highest waterfall in Serbia. It is 64 meters high and is located at the altitude of 1400 meters above the sea level.

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Adventure calls! Choose the best flight option for a hiking in Eastern Serbia

If you decide to experience hiking trails in Eastern Serbia, we recommend you to schedule your flight to INI airport, as the far best alternative you can choose. Why, you ask? Well, because it is in Eastern Serbia already and you can schedule your flight for truly small amount of money. And also, it is your best choice because our service starts there.

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