Eastern Serbia


Adventure calls! Choose the best flight option for a hiking in Eastern Serbia

If you decide to experience hiking trails in Eastern Serbia, we recommend you to schedule your flight to INI airport, as the far best alternative you can choose. Why, you ask? Well, because it is in Eastern Serbia already and you can schedule your flight for truly small amount of money. And also, it is your best choice because our service starts there.

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5 reasons why summer holiday in the mountain is better than at the seaside

Have you ever thought about spending your holiday in the mountain instead of the seaside? Walking in a shade of trees, or feeling that chilly touch of water from a mountain spring on your face. Moreover, fresh mountain air and chill breeze in the evenings is something that we all die for during hot summers. Therefore we made a list for you of five obvious reasons that you should definitely consider next time you plan your holiday.

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