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We are environmentally conscious local tour operator since 2011 intensely focused on sustainable rural tourism. Born and raised locally we make it a priority to show you our famous cultural heritage and native hospitality while preserving nature and local communities. Our tours are carefully developed to give you the best of all worlds - unforgettable trails immersed in the untouched nature, glimpse of archaic rural life, taste of local delicacies all in the company of experienced and knowledgeable guides.

Passionate about nature, guided by the heart and governed by professionalism we are determined to make Serbia a part of your heart!

Why Eastern Serbia?

Our hiking tours are intended to introduce you to natural beauties of Eastern Serbia. Untouched nature of Balkan mountains, diverse flora and fauna combined with amazing viewpoints and rustic cuisine are guaranteed to take your breath away.

National park Djerdap

Immerse yourself in a completely different world. National Park Djerdap is a unique natural wonder located on the Serbian border with Romania and home to the legendary Iron Gates Gorge. A natural crown of the Danube River the Gorge is the site of the its narrowest, widest and deepest flow extending into rich canyons, contributing rivers and over 1000 caves of extraordinary beauty.

Home to several heritage sites Djerdap will take you onto a unique time travel. The archaeological locality Lepenski Vir represents one of the oldest settlements of civilization in Europe, dating back all the way to 6,500 BC making it two thousand years older than the famous Egyptian civilization! Felix Romuliana, UNESCO’s world heritage site of Serbia, will give you an opportunity to walk around an impressive Roman Imperial palace while numerous medieval fortresses scattered in the area will take you through a turbulent history of medieval Serbia.

Each location has its own story and we will make sure you learn all of the history, local legends and royal intricacies hidden behind the palaces stone walls.


Nature park Stara Planina

Stara Planina (“Balkan Mountains“), officially classified as natural wealth of extraordinary significance, is an extension of the South Carpathian mountain range stretching through Serbia and Bulgaria. Distinct by its captivating landscapes and hot mineral springs this natural beauty will hypnotise you with the scenery before capturing your heart in the old fashion way – through your stomach!

At the source of Serbia’s renowned national cuisine you will try all things natural – free range meat delicacies, priceless lamb milk and cheese, organic honey, fruits and vegetables and of course – homemade bread.

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Passionate about nature, guided by the heart and governed by professionalism we are determined to make Eastern Serbia a part of your heart!

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