5 reasons why summer holiday in the mountain is better than at the seaside

Have you ever thought about spending your holiday in the mountain instead of the seaside? Walking in a shade of trees, or feeling that chilly touch of water from a mountain spring on your face. Moreover, fresh mountain air and chill breeze in the evenings is something that we all die for during hot summers. But what if you combine these kinds of pleasures with some recreational activities. A hiking tour can be a good choice for example. We are talking about a unique mixture of adrenaline boost and ultimate relaxation. We are talking about the opportunity to be one with the wilderness around you. Therefore we made a list for you of five obvious reasons that you should definitely consider next time you plan your holiday.

#1 Freshness and coolness of the mountain air

Yes, it is cooler in the mountain than at the seaside and according to ABC Science there is a valid argumentation for that. As an illustration, the air will get cooler for approximately 6℃ per every 1000 meters in elevation. Thus, while there will be 40℃ at sea level you will chill out in the mountain at cozy 28℃.

#2 No pollution

One word- TREES, and we mean lots of them. Let’s be poetic here a little bit. Picture yourself wandering through endless, untouched forests and meadows, far from industrial complexes and overcrowded cities, with no air pollution. Trees are everywhere. The air is clean and fresh. There are no cars, they cannot reach here. This is what your lungs have been crying for, this is paradise.

#3 Relaxation and peace of mind

More and more people advocate various benefits from interacting with nature. Why exactly is that what we need? Well, the modern way of life does not offer too much tranquility, does it? Do the job, go home, check the e- mail, check the Facebook, pay the bills, etc. It can often be really frustrating! As a result we are stressed, confused, sometimes we even lack creativity, we are less sociable, and less kind to others. So, what are we to do?

Mountain springImagine there is nothing to distract you. The only thing you can hear is the wind cuddling the leaves of trees and tweets of the birds around you. You can come back to your senses, you can be the one with yourself. The view in front of you is astonishing. A beautiful panorama that takes your breath away. The air is fresh, your mind is clear and you are ready to go. Congratulations, you have just been reconnected to the Mother Nature’s Wi-Fi. You are in the mountain.

#4 Healthy lifestyle

Walking is the most natural state for a human body, it is something our body was made for. Here is an interesting quote about that.

“Hiking is the best workout! You can hike for three hours and not even realize you’re working out. And, hiking alone lets me have some time to myself.” (Jamie Luner).

You can find many really useful tips about walking on the internet, and if you walk in the nature you will do yourself such a favor. Either way, the benefits are numerous. It is a great cardiovascular workout and it suits people of all ages. It also strengthens both your muscles and hamstrings. Your body gets more oxygen. It will boost your immune system. The list goes on.

#5 It is cheaper!!!

Finally, the last but not the least important reason is about the total amount of money you will spent on your holiday. The truth is that you will meet some nice people and learn about local culture firsthand. You will hear some interesting, authentic stories, learn about local tradition and costumes, and try some delicious food. You probably won’t see much of fancy hotels but you will definitely get an ultimate experience, something that you cannot buy- you will touch the soul of the mountain.

In the end, let’s just say that there must be a good reason that so many sportsmen have their pre- seasons in the mountains. Ultimately, having all the reasons mentioned above, we think that spending your summer holiday in the mountain is like being in the right place at the right time.