Adventure calls! Choose the best flight option for a hiking in Eastern Serbia

If you live in Slovakia, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, France, Netherlands or any neighboring country, and decide to experience hiking trails in Eastern Serbia, we recommend you to choose fastest option and travel by plane. There are numerous travel arrangements available for hikers around the world, but flight to INI (Nis airport) is the far best alternative you can choose. It is in South- Eastern Serbia already and the flights are cheap. And also, it is your best choice because our service starts there. We will wait for you on INI airport, organize pick-ups and drive to a destination where adventure begins.

Cheap flight prices

Talking about flights to INI airport, there are many advantages, so we want to share some information with you. If you decide to travel to Eastern Serbia in month or two from now, you have opportunity to schedule your flight for truly small amount of money. For example, if you want to travel from Malmo (Sweden) to INI airport in August or September, using services of WIZZ Air, the flight price starts from €15​. For flights from Mulhouse (France) in August or September the price starts from around €23​. Price for the same time period for flights from Dortmund (Germany) is around €20​. And if you looking for flights from Eindhoven (Nederland) to INI airport, you will be surprised to see that price is even below €10.

Talking about RYANAIR, their prices for flights in August varies from around €15 for flights from Milan Bergamo (Italy) and Dusseldorf (Germany), to €25 for flights from Bratislava (Slovakia) or €27 from Berlin (Germany).

Two more carriers that provide flights to INI airport are Swiss and Germania. Their flights from Zürich (Switzerland) are a bit more expensive and varies from €70 to €90 for travel in August or September.

Distance from hiking trails

As we mentioned earlier, the services of Serbia UNDISCOVERED starts on INI airport with a pick-up of guests. The locations of hiking tours that we organize are all in Eastern Serbia, on just a few hours’ drive from airport. For example, the accommodation in Nature Park Stara planina (Balkan mountains) is only 95km from INI airport. It is about 1,5 hours of drive.

The second destination for our hiking tours is National park Djerdap, which is around 200km from INI airport. It is about 2,5 hours of driving from there to accommodation point.

Things to do after arrival to INI airport

After your arrival to INI airport, if there is a time, there is a possibility to visit some historical monuments in the city of Nis and its surroundings. It is a good start for hikers to meet local culture and parts of Roman and Byzantine history of this area. After that, we will travel to a destination by car or a van, depending on number of participants. Arriving to a destination is around 7PM, with accommodation in rural house or mountain hostel. Along with traditional food for a dinner time, there is always optional evening gathering, followed by overnight.

Days between first and last day of your adventure are reserved for a hiking. Depending of your choice you’ll have possibility to hike in Nature park Stara Planina (Balkan mountains) or National park Djerdap. All of our hiking activities are followed by introducing you to a local culture, tradition, people and history. You can select adventure of your choice by visiting page HIKING TOURS. or design your own tour with our SELF TAILORED HIKING TOUR option.

Drive off back to airport

On the final day of our journey we drive you back to the Nis Airport, one hour before plain departures. However, if the conditions are met and your plane leaves in the afternoon or evening hours we offer additional activities.  Visiting historical monuments and heritage sites (such as Timacum Minus archeo-ethno park and beautiful Knjazevac Municipality) are just few of possibilities.

Find detailed flight schedule on page TRANSPORT!


According to all mentioned, all you have to do is to plan your flight to and from INI airport. The rest is our concern and we promise you good hike and time in Eastern Serbia.

Flight schedules to and from INI airport can be found on our page TRANSPORT. All additional information, as well as flight prices, are available on INI airport website.

Be aware, although, carbon emissions from the airplanes are huge. Knowing this, try to reduce travel by plane whenever you can. If you do so, please contact us and let us know what transport you will use. We are ready to make a pick-up on a train or a bus stations as well!